WP Theme Setup Guide – Fundamentals

Instructor:  Verious Smith III
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About the Course

WP Theme Setup Guide - Fundamentals

This guide was created out of a recognized need.  There are literally thousands of premium themes “in the wild” on the internet.  More pre-made themes can be found for free in the official WordPress repository (https://wordpress.org/themes/).  In order for a person to learn WordPress there are also many different resources for those who would like to begin with this  process 

Even with all of the resources currently available, the one thing I have noticed is that most themes do not come with a setup guide.  This guide is intended to cover the fundamentals of theme setup and fill in every noticeable gap that most people “just don’t get”.

After going through this guide you will understand the fundamentals of setting up your own WordPress Theme and know the necessary concepts of making your theme “Look Like” it did when you purchased or downloaded it from your chosen marketplace.

Let’s get started!

Course Structure

  • Unit 0 - Introduction - Welcome to The Course
  • Unit 1 - Discovery
  • Unit 2 - Initial Setup
  • Unit 3 - Keys To Getting It
  • Unit 4 - The Remainder
  • Unit 5 - Putting It All Together


Verious Smith III
Verious B. Smith III
Verious Smith III is the Creative Director of Philoveracity Design, a firm that specializes in Brand Development with work that spans the scope of strategic planning to custom branded campaigns & clients that have included local & national start-ups to medium sized corporations. He is a BFA VisCom Graduate and ...